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12 Day Challenge {for CHANGE}

A new calendar year and a new blog post... with BIG intentions! 

This is a challenge for everyone out there wanting to see CHANGE. It starts with you {and this challenge}!

So here it is: I challenge you to commit one day a month in 2018 to focus on making this world a better place.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Well...if you are like me, you start any new project with great intention, enthusiasm, and energy. Slowly, however, that gets pushed aside by life. Our everyday commitments, responsibilities and routines take over. 

Instead of letting that happen...we are going to share, support & empower each other to reach our goals. A few years ago, I started a Facebook page called "Be the Change Niagara". It started with a few fundraising ideas I had to support Women's and Men's Health. I wanted that page to be a place where people shared their ideas and events to make Niagara and our world a better place.

I still want that. And this challenge is going to help make that happen.

Each month, I'll share how I intend to dedicate {at least} one day to CHANGE. You can use my ideas or share your own. Please follow along by joining "Be the Change Niagara", or signing up to receive pocket{CHANGE} updates.

This is a commitment - of time, of talent, of treasure. For many, this will be a renewed commitment to those amazing things you ALREADY do. Let's continue to give back to our community, the global community, and make a difference!

If we work together... just imagine what we can do!

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