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About us

Located in downtown St. Catharines, {pocket}CHANGE is your connection to local and global artisans who create handcrafted products for a sustainable lifestyle. Our mission is to support artists and our community by following fair trade practices and giving back to community building initiatives. A portion of {pocket}CHANGE profit is donated to organizations dedicated to improving quality of life for everyone through education, health-care and environmental protection.
{pocket}CHANGE provides earth-friendly choices for your home and loved ones. When purchasing jewelry, accessories and home decor from {pocket}CHANGE you empower artisans and women worldwide. Each carefully selected item creates CHANGE in many ways:


Artisan Stories Pay {It} Forward

 Giving Back:

Our CHANGE{now} initiative


   Store Hours:

Wednesday to Saturday
10 - 6

(Closed Sunday to Tuesday)    

Contact Us:

905 685 6868
393 St. Paul Street, St. Catharines, Ontario