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Cloudforest Coffee


Enjoy a cup of Cloudforest Coffee from the mountain valley region of Intag, Ecuador. This organic, sustainable, socially responsible cuppa will make you feel as good as it tastes. Sip in solidarity with the farmers of the region who are working for environmental conservation and a fair standard of living for their communities.

  • Dark Roast: notes of chocolate and hazelnut
  • Medium Roast: fruity tastes, no bitterness, almond undertones
  • organically grown and harvested
  • direct trade with coffee farmers' co-operative
  • shade-grown in a cloud forest
  • socially responsible: supporting eco-system conservation and resisting open-pit mining
  • roasted and packaged in Canada

For more information about the Intag farmers and their conservation efforts, please visit: Cloudforest Coffee!


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