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Cold Brew Kit

Cold Brew Kit


Here's a complete Kit for making the perfect cold brew coffee on your own. This 64 oz. kit brews enough coffee for a house full of roommates or enough to supply one person with a cup a day for a week. The best part is that the most delicious cold brew coffee can be prepared in 12-18 hours.


Stretch filter over mouth of jar. Grind 2 cups of your favourite coffee to a medium/coarse grind. Pour the coffee into the CoffeeSock filter and bloom to start (wet ground thoroughly and let sit for 60 seconds). Fill jar with cold water, twist neck of filter, wrap tie string around neck a few times and slip neck of filter through glass ring. Allow to soak for 12-18 hrs. Remove filter and rest in mouth of jar to fully drain.


  • 1 CoffeeSock Cold Brew Filter - Half Gallon Size
  • 1 64 oz. mason jar
  • Filter made from USDA Certified organic cotton
  • Both products 100% Made in the USA


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