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Southridge Jam

Southridge Jam


Spreading hope through jam... Who knew social change could taste so good?

"The Southridge Jam Co. is a social enterprise in Niagara that provides individuals who have recently experienced homelessness the opportunity to develop job training and life skills."

Treat yourself and others to a delicious jar of goodness. 

Flavours (availability subject to local growing season): 

  • Grape Jelly
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Peach Jam
  • Sour Cherry

250 ml

Grape: Niagara grapes, sugar, pectin
Strawberry: Niagara Strawberries, sugar, pectin
Peach: Niagara Peach, sugar, pectin
Sour Cherry: Sour Cherries, sugar, pectin

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